FINALLY starting a blog | 8 posts and pages that help me start blogging

Hey peeps… I don’t know why I said that, sounds funny.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my -maybe not so exciting- but – might be helpful- blogging journey.

images like this inspire me to blog

In the following weeks I will finally start a self hosted blog and do all those things I have read for months: Affiliate marketing, traffic strategies, SEO… I don’t feel that happy about an email list but apparently it’s a must.

These blog posts are the ones I refer to whenever I feel I’m missing something or I want to make sure I got everything covered. They’re good guides for beginners, aspiring bloggers like me. I spent a lot of time searching about this and it’s definitely a world of information out there!

It took me forever to save the money to start a blog and I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

I will be sharing exactly how much I’ll spend on my new blog in another post, today I want to share my favorite blog posts that have helped me gather all the information I need and have also inspired me to keep pursuing this idea.

As you know I love free stuff and love even more free ways to earn money. But I know blogging or any other business you can call your own requires investment at some point.

I definitely don’t think blogging is easy or a get rich quick idea, I’ve had this idea for maybe over a year now and I think it’s worth the investment and to try.

Don’t fall for those bloggers trying to make it look quick and easy, promising you’ll be making thousands in a month or a year. Yes, it MIGHT happen to you but it’s for sure NOT as simple as these bloggers make it seem.

It’s hella scary to spend so much money (to me it’s a LOT) on this business idea because I don’t know for SURE I’ll succeed, but it’s the first time in many years I’m trying something by myself and for myself, so even getting to this point makes me happy and kind of proud.

One day I’ll work in a Macbook from a coffee shop, for now I’ll give my broken laptop all the job

So here they are! My favorite posts from various bloggers and writers who make money blogging BUT I GOTTA SAY SOMETHING FIRST

While I refer to these posts and pages I PERSONALLY don’t go buying everything they have to offer and I have no relationship with them. I almost always go for the freebies, simply subscribe to their email list, get the freebie and unsubscribe. Cruel, but that’s what I usually do unless they’re constantly delivering emails I’m actually interested in.

The only email subscription I have for now and I find helpful is from, and no, I didn’t get *bleep* for mentioning that.

Also another PERSONAL opinion: DO NOT go self hosted with Bluehost, sorry to all people who use it with no problem, personally I don’t go with them after reading lots of horror stories and finding out their affiliate program pays well, ok that’s not bad, well wouldn’t be so bad if the actual product was that amazeballs, so remember if you’re going to promote something be honest, don’t just go after the payment, if the product sucks you will look as sucky too.

Ok, back to the posts! This post is super informative, specially because it’s full of resources and tips. Again lots of tips for newbies. I used some of the links to get free trials and discounts. Can you still make money blogging in 2020? While this post has that ”too good to be true” I still find it inspiring. I had no idea about permalinks and other must dos until I read this post. Yep, I can be that clueless. Yes, it is possible and maybe even a whole without making a single dollar BUT keep going because that’s the point of this post. Not sure about blogging? Try posting here once or twice a week to test the waters (and maybe even get paid). Here’s where I get beautiful stock photos FOR FREE, they’re really pretty. More stock photos FOR FREE, I use this page a lot. Actually this is one of the few things I spent money on. I got the starter legal bundle for $157 (for me almost 530 soles since I live in Perú), which is a shit ton of money for me, but after days of searching and reading I couldn’t find a free way to write my own legal pages and be 100% sure they actually protect me and my blog. They have a referred program but I won’t get anything if you make a purchase through that link because I’m not part of said program hehe.

There a lot more posts I read over and over and others I could have put in this list, but for beginners like me this is good to go with.

Can’t wait to start and see how it’s like to do all the things bloggers work on. I’ll post my expenses and things I found along the way in another post, you’re obviously reading this from my free .com wordpress, I’ll probably use the same name for the self hosted blog unless it’s taken.

See you next week!

Best wishes and good vibes,

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